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We are JK TaeKwonDo Reseda! We are excited to begin training with you and help you with your new experience! We hope you get the maximum enjoyment and benefits from our program. Here at JK Taekwondo you will learn a variety of techniques as well as start to look and feel your best through our energetic workout and self defenses classes. In addition, you will be training alongside a great group of people who will provide additional motivation and support. Our members develop new and meaningful friendships with their classmates. Children and teens will be learning “Bully Defense” as well as the sport side of Tae Kwon Do. 

We Teach Discipline and respect daily! We encourage and push for high academic achievements and success. Our goal is not to make great fighters, but instead to raise great human beings! A true Black Belt has professional & winner qualities all around. 

We have been Here for 10 years strong and have students who have grown and become instructors themselves and now pass down the knowledge to others.

Master Robie Bakhos and Mrs. Erica Bakhos have dedicated their lives to this school and it’s students. We are proud to have you here as a part of our school & family. Be prepared to work hard, gain new experiences, and change your life!

  • Certified 5th Degree Black Belt Tae kwon do
  • Certified Black Belt in Hapkido
  • Certified  CLASS 3 TaeKwonDo Instructor by kukkiwon
  • 25 years experience  

Master Robie started learning martial arts by the age of 11. His passion and love for the martial art led him to more training and commitment. Soon after that he became an instructor and started helping kids and adults with their training. By the time Master Robie was 18 he had become the Head Instructor of his master's (Grand Master Jin Ki Lim) school where he taught for over 10 years before he went on to open his own school in Reseda in 2007. Now Master Robie teaches daily with his Wife, Master Erica along his side. 

Master Erica met Master Robie 11 y ears ago and soon after that she decided to start her journey in martial arts training as a white belt. Master Erica Bakhos recently earned her 4th Dan in Taekwondo which makes her now a certified Master in Taekwondo by Kukkiwon and world standards.  

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  • Certified 4th Degree Black Belt TaeKwonDo
  • 11 years experience  

Contact Info

7632 Tampa Ave. Reseda CA 91335

Corner of  Tampa and Saticoy
(818) 758-9698


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